Dear Vanguard Nation,

Following the George Floyd tragedy in Minnesota Lisa and I have been asked, “What is your position on the situation?” While we typically keep our personal lives private,
we realize we are responsible for serving a large and diverse community. As such we feel compelled to express the following. 

  • We were sickened by the horrific death of George Floyd. No one should ever be subjected to such atrocity. 
  • We stand with the peaceful marchers who have put themselves out to raise their voices against injustices and violence against any group of people.
  • We celebrate the diversity of the marches.  We truly are united with reputing what happened to George Floyd.    
  • We condemn those who are looting and destroying the personal property of innocent citizens, as well as harming innocent people. 
  • We believe, as a nation, we can and MUST do better. 
  • We live and run our organization by the golden rule, “Love thy neighbor”.  We respect the viewpoints of all and do not recognize labels when working with or serving others. Every living being has a heart.  This is what we see - not gender, skin color, political, religious, or social affiliation.  Everyone is valued equally within the Vanguard Nation.   

The fact that we have sustained great workforce diversity as an employer for nearly 30-years is a testament to the aforementioned. Many who know Lisa and I know these beliefs have lived in our hearts as well as in our businesses since the Vanguard Nation was founded.    

Thank you,

Mark and Lisa Palermo

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